7 Easy Projects to Update Your Home

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There’s a delicate balance between updating your home to fit your style, while also keeping buyers’ preferences in mind. Even if you’re not looking to sell just yet, increasing the resale value of your property is always a good idea. These simple upgrades can make your property more appealing to buyers and sell faster. Here are 7 easy projects you can do yourself to refresh your home.


Create More Storage

The need for more storage is often at the top of a buyer’s list. Install inexpensive closet storage systems, shelving in your pantry and a simple storage solution in your basement or garage. This helps eliminate clutter throughout the home.

Update Lighting Fixtures

This can be done by simply spray painting your current fixtures to look more modern or to match your new color scheme. If you’re going for a totally different vibe, replacing your fixtures with something new can be done on a modest budget and is fairly easy to do. 

Give Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint is an inexpensive way to make a huge impact in a room. Neutral tones are more appealing to potential buyers, but choose tones that fit with your style. Paint an accent wall or add color to the entire room for a fresh look. 

Add Trim Work or Crown Moulding

Board and batten, a chair rail, trim work, shiplap and crown moulding are all great options for elevating the look of a room. The install process is simple, and you can get the project done in a few hours.

Update Cabinet Hardware

Upgrade the look of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets with new hardware. Knobs and pulls can be changed out in a matter of hours and totally transforms the look of the cabinetry. 

Spruce Up Interior Doors

Take your flat-panel hollow core doors from boring to eye-catching by adding a small detail. Add beadboard or play around with different patterns of paneling to give the doors a more elegant look and feel.

Revamp Floor with Luxury Vinyl Tiling 

Luxury vinyl tile is low maintenance, durable and affordable making it a great option for any room in your home. It’s versatile so you can achieve a number of looks using the tile. Most commonly it’s arranged so that the tiles are touching, and it’s glued down. Another option is to space the tiles out, and grout in between. For a temporary option, you can install it as a floating floor, where the tiles snap together but are not bonded to the surface underneath.


These simple, yet impactful, upgrades can be done for a few hundred dollars or less and will add value to your home.

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